Find YOUR Reason for BEING and HOW to Live it out!
My PROVEN ONE WEEK Method of Discovering Your TRUE Calling
At WHAT POINT Do You Say YES to your TRUE Calling?
I Think I Know YOU:

Maybe you've hustled most of your life, trying to make ends meet...trying to pursue that thing you're SUPPOSED to be living for: your Purpose...

 You know you are talented, but you just haven't been able to figure out HOW to move to that next level...

You've been living Month-to-Month for a LONG time...or maybe it's been week-to-week...or maybe Day-to-day...

I know...I feel ya...

You've heard stories of people living out these AMAZING dreams, but every time you try to pursue something risky, even when you give it your all, it always leaves you flat on your face

You know the embarrassment of yET ANOTHER dream deferred. You're constantly evaluating whether people are thinking about your failures....and judging you for it. 

And more wonder what your KIDS are thinking about you- I Mean...they're living it WITH YOU...They're watching it ALL play out, Failure after failure.

You're Wondering...Is THIS the legacy that you're leaving to them? Is that all your life will amount to? 
40 years passed...50 years passed...WHEN will it work?

Your mind knows that you could do more...but your heart whispers otherwise...

you are an orphan. god has forgotten you. 

There's no more sense in trying. You're done.

It must be that "Living the Dream" works for other people...
just NOT for YOU.

You're hoping to win the lottery or find lost money...or maybe your kids will...
or maybe you'll try again later, when things are better...whenever that is...


What if I told you that the ONLY thing between YOU and that Person You Want To Become is hidden in the Laws of Faith, Quantum Physics and your very own LIPS?

And it's FREE for ANYONE who wants it?
Even YOU.

Can you imagine that with me for a moment?

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My PROVEN ONE WEEK Method of Discovering Your TRUE Calling

Do you know WHY you were put on this Earth, in THIS space, at THIS time?

You are here for a REASON- one that is UNIQUE to ONLY  YOU.

Want to find out WHAT it is?

Have you considered that the ACTUAL WORK that you are doing now is NOT the ACTUAL WORK you were created to do?

What if I told you I could SHOW you, step by step, that your TRUE calling is a SEED inside you...One that has been there ALL ALONG?

And what if I could PROVE it to you by your own admission?

And What if I actually SHOWED you WHAT you were created for? 
In Your Own handwriting?

And what if, when you find it and LIVE IT, you fall deeply in love with your life,
Those you were created to serve,  
and that good Farmer who planted it there in the first place?

In This Course, You Will Discover The Following:

🌱WHY You Think The Way You Think

🌱What Areas In Your Life You Thought You Were Sacrificing, But Were Really Just Squandering (I'll Teach You The TRUE Definition Of Sacrifice)

🌱 How To Identify When It's Time To Hold 'Em Or When It's Time To Fold 'Em.

 🌱The Difference Between Passion, Purpose And Vision (They Are NOT The Same, And MUST Be Treated Differently.), And WHAT YOURS Is.

 🌱Your GREAT VISION: Your Reason For BEING...We'll Find It. YOU Will Find It.

 🌱What You Will BECOME A Year From Now, After You've Practiced These Truths Daily.

 🌱What Your Ruling Paradigms Are, And How To Make Sure They Are Working FOR Your Good, And Not Against Ya!

 🌱Laws Of Quantum Physics And Faith, And How YOU Can Use Them To GRAB Those GOALS!

 🌱My VERY Favorite Part: Setting Your Intention For The Year! I Promise...It's Like The Dessert Of The Course. You'll See! 

 🌱And THREE Bonus Sessions!!! You will LOVE the Kingdom of Heaven on EARTH from this perspective! And just wait until you hear who God says YOU are!


What You Will Receive From This Course:
Course Introduction  
The story of HOW this course became to be,  WHY it's for YOU, as well as what to expect within the lessons.

Bonus #1:  WHO Does GOD Say You Are?
You have a FIRST name AND a LAST name in the Kingdom...Find out what it is...and OWN it :)

Bonus #2: Walking With The King
What do the Laws of Heaven and the Laws of Earth have to do with YOUR  access to Heaven's Resources? Find out here.
Session #1: KNOW Your WHY
WHY do you Do what you DO? It's not WHY you think. 

Session #2: Change Your Mind
Man is Mind. And what you THINK rules what you DO. We'll look at your beautiful mind and see if it's taking you to your True Vision for your Life.
Session # 3: Passion, Purpose & Vision
PURPOSE is NOT the End game. Explore Passion, Purpose and Vision, and What they mean for YOU.
Session #4: Setting Intentions
We'll Seek and Set the EXACT Focal Point that YOU, Uniquely, Need to Focus on in Order to BECOME All that God has Put in your Heart to Become.

Session #5:  Collapsing Possibilities
Everything that you are to Have, Do & Become in THIS LIFE is calling to you! Let's DREAM BIG, and then Write The Vision and Make it Plain! It's Vision-Building Time!
Session #6: Now, DO IT!
A Man is Satisfied with GOOD by the Words of His Mouth, And the WORK of his HANDS will REWARD him. Let's Get BUSY.

Bonus #3:  Jesus' Passion, Purpose & Vision
Jesus' Purpose wasn't His end game, either. I'll show you what was!

Access to the PRIVATE Facebook Group
Get LIVE and constant access to the Private Made to Become Community Via Facebook where you can chat with others like you!
30-Day Access to Modules
30 days of access to modules to give you plenty of time to walk through the concepts prayerfully.
What Have Others Said About Made to Become Course and Workshop?
Time to BECOME
When We Are Finished, You Will Walk Away
 With A Fully Functioning Vision Board- 

One That ACTUALLY WORKS....Not One That Mocks You Every Time You Pass By It...
And You Will Have Actionable Goals And Steps WRITTEN OUT, So That You Can't FORGET All That You Have Committed To YOURSELF...
And The Lord Your God..
To Do...In THIS LIFE. 

Let's Work Together To Get Ya Becoming.
You Are Ready.
It Is YOUR Time.
Everyone Is Waiting For The True YOU. WE Need YOU.
You And I Need To Talk.  

 Let's Make It Happen.
  • Your Order Includes:
  • ​30 Day Access to Membership Site
  •  Six Core Modules for Vision-Building
  • ​Daily Course Worksheets 
  • Three Bonus Modules on The KINGDOM of Heaven on Earth and Your TRUE Name
  • Intention Setting Audio Exercise with Fitness Expert Emily May
  • ​Access to Private Facebook Made to Become Community
What good is a course without a guarantee? 

We Guarantee that after you go through the lessons and complete the supplemental worksheets (and ask any questions you have on the private Facebook page) you will come away with better understanding of who you are and what moves you as a person (PASSION), ideas for what and how to pursue your PURPOSE(S) toward the Lord's GREAT VISION for  YOUR life. 
If you aren't satisfied with the results of the course for your life after 30 days, we will refund your purchase. 
(*proof of completed worksheets and Vision Board required for refund.)
BUT...What If You Need a Little Help?
How About a LIVE, 6 Hour consultation, you & me?
Sometimes, we need a little EXTRA Help getting clarity, and sometimes, we need a total remodel. 
I know...I did, too! But I didn't have anyone to help me...

And so, what took me THREE YEARS to figure out, along with countless tears and angst, I will give to you in a 6 hour one-on-one consultation. 

We will focus specifically on finding your Passion, Purposes and Vision, and then we will set your intention together, and build your Vision Board. We'll get your goals sorted out, and you'll be ALL SET!

The Lord has given me a special gift of seeing things in others that they cannot see themselves, and it comes in VERY handy when walking people through this course. Check out the reviews- You'll see my clients agree.

If you are at the place where you KNOW you're gonna need some help, or if you just want to have the personal experience of walking through the soil of your mind with someone who has been there and has OVERCOME,  then add this to your order below.
Then you and I will schedule you consultation time and date, and get you BECOMING.

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