How Long Are You Gonna Let That Phone Ring?
5 more years? 
When the kids grow up?
When you retire and have more free time?

Your TRUE LIFE is calling.
It's time to answer the call.

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Made To Become Vision Building Course is designed to transform you from being to BECOMING. 
In this course you will learn:

🌱 When it comes to our lives, most people ask WHAT they want to do with it, but there is a better question to ask yourself when it comes to BECOMING who you were CREATED to be.
🌱How most people pursue PURPOSE in their lives incorrectly, which causes them to get burned out or QUIT altogether! (98% of the population, actually!! 98%!)

🌱How to fully discover what you are truly CALLED to do with your life, and HOW to walk in it.

And all of it is founded on the principles Jesus taught when He said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is HERE."

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 Taste and See that YOU were Made to Become!

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